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مفيده جداً لمرضى السكر وتساعد فى تجديد خلايا البنكرياس والطحال ويمكن اضافتة

الى الوكامى اثناء الطهى فى شوربة الميسو أو إضافتة الى الارز أثناء الطهى بمقدار ¼ كمية الارز.


The grains of teff are so small; the bulk of the grain consists of the bran and germ.

This makes teff nutrient dense as the bran and germ are the most nutritious parts of any grain, It has a very high calcium content, and contains high levels of phosphorous, iron, copper, aluminum, barium, and thiamin. It is considered to have an excellent amino acid composition, with lysine levels higher than wheat or barley. , high in protein, carbohydrates, and fiber.

It contains no gluten so it is appropriate for those with gluten intolerance.


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