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Hayam el shazly

The first nutritional site in the middle east.

where you can find valuable Information that will enhance your daily life in every aspect, Entertainment & Health, also with the latest news in many fields.

Dr.Hayam el Shazly
  • Macrobiotic Counseling and teacher

  • Certified Colon hydrotherapy

  • Certified iridology “The Eyes Evaluation”

  • Craniosacral Therapy

  • Lymph Drainage Therapy



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Very nice information , i love kushi center so much :D

Ramy Selim

Very Useful Website Thank you DR Hayam

Fizon Soliman

Hello  Dr.hayam i need your phones to be able to contact you

Dalia Mohamed

i like the Miso soup it's giving me a full energy at morning

Wael Mokhtar

اعانى من مرض السكر فهل يوجد نظام غذائى مناسب يساعدنى على الشفاء  أرجوا الرد وشكرا,, خالد على