kushi center

Hayam el shazly

Kushi center

A subdivision of Kushi Institute in America & Canada which belong to the
professor Michio Kushi.
These centers teach & help people to be healthy & live happy life, the centers also
teach Macrobiotic cooking, shiatsu, yoga….. and many helps

Hayam El Shazly

Hayam El Shazly is a certified Macrobiotic Counseling
Licenses by Kushi institute America to open a subdivision of Kushi institute in
Middle East
Holistic Nutritionist and Neuromuscular therapist who specializes in the latest
holistic health technology
Practices numerous techniques based on the client’s health condition
Treatment prescribed to treat the cause of imbalance
Not the symptoms of each client
A series of evaluations are performed to determine which of the treatment
accomplish their optimum level of health.


Very nice information , i love kushi center so much :D

Ramy Selim

Very Useful Website Thank you DR Hayam

Fizon Soliman

Hello  Dr.hayam i need your phones to be able to contact you

Dalia Mohamed

i like the Miso soup it's giving me a full energy at morning

Wael Mokhtar

اعانى من مرض السكر فهل يوجد نظام غذائى مناسب يساعدنى على الشفاء  أرجوا الرد وشكرا,, خالد على