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Hayam el shazly


هو نوع من أنواع الاعشاب البحرية ؛ مركز جداً بمادة اليود ؛ والماغنيسيوم الذى يعمل على تنشيط الانزيمات ؛ ومصدر جيد لفيتامين "1ب" ؛ "2ب" ؛ "3ب" ؛ "6ب" ؛ "12ب" وغنى بفيتامين (ج) وله تأثير قوى جداً فى نزول الوزن و مفيد لمشاكل وخمول الغده الدرقيه


Is a type of seaweed nature cold thermal and salty taste & very center in iodine, and magnesium, which works to stimulate the enzymes, and a good source of vitamin "1 b"; "2 b"; "3 b"; "6 b"; "12 b" and sang vitamin (C) and has a very strong effect on the descent and is useful for weight problems and hypothyroidism.


Very nice information , i love kushi center so much :D

Ramy Selim

Very Useful Website Thank you DR Hayam

Fizon Soliman

Hello  Dr.hayam i need your phones to be able to contact you

Dalia Mohamed

i like the Miso soup it's giving me a full energy at morning

Wael Mokhtar

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